Computers 4 Carers
Feb 5

24 hour Carers need help with learning IT

I would like to say that the move to online public services could leave some of the poorest pensioners and family carers without vital support.
However, this is not the only problem. We have enabled as volunteers, many family carers to get on the internet when they could not afford to buy equipment, but often carers are daunted with the task of having to learn IT when they already they have so little time to spare because of caring commitments.

A little time and thought helping family carers to learn the internet in their own home would be greatly appreciated. It is no good putting services on line to help carers if they do not have access to the internet.
Even if the cost of buying equipment is not a problem then learning internet skills when the full time carer cannot leave the family home is a problem.
Our voluntary family carers across the UK were lucky because we were able to access our forum where we all learnt how to use the internet from one another.
Who will carry on trying to get family carers on the internet when I have to step down? Please will someone think of what a massive problem this is for family carers.

Wendy Maxwell MBE

Jan 16

Learn My Way

learn a pc easy

Learn My Way is a website of free online courses for beginners, helping you develop digital skills to make the most of the online world.

  • Get started - Learn basic online skills - find out how to use a mouse, keyboard and learn how to use email
  • Learn more - Once you’ve grasped the basics, go even further and learn how to bank online, how to shop online, stay healthy, or explore skills and careers
  • What Next? - If you’re ready to move on, we’ll point you in the right direction for even more things you can do and learn online.


Apr 20

Getting started online - the Gransnet internet guide

Getting started online doesn't have to be hard work. Here, Janet Ellis helps shed some light on some internet jargon and shows you how to get set up - plus a snapshot of what's available on the web, from really useful information and insightful features to competitions and friendly chat.

Feb 13

Library hosts course to teach new tablet technology

Thursday, February 12, 2015
4:05 PM

carers tablet training

Carers have been getting to grips with the latest technology thanks to a free course at Hellesdon Library.

The session on how to use computer tablets was organised by Chill4Us carers group, which runs a website for carers, with the help of
 social welfare law and tech charity Lasa.

Wendy Maxwell, founder of Chill4Us, said caring can be isolating at times and using the internet to find out information and engage with other carers was an important lifeline for
many, which is why the charity has also been providing computers for carers.


Jan 30

Carers Android/ios & Windows tablet training

Febuary 10th at Hellesdon Library 12pm - 3pm Chill4us Carers & Lasa will be holding a training day for Carers with Tablets that need help.

A free lunch is also supplied.

Bring your own PC tablet or they will be provided to use.

Booking is essential - please contact the Library for futher details - 01603 427790